May 15, 2010

Tips for Job Interview

The job Interview

After you have submitted your application letter, resume and have filled up the application form, the recruitment personnel will screen it, and if your application shows potentials, the company presented to show that you are the best person for the position.

Here are some pointers to prepare you for the interview.

Before the Job Interview

Know more about the company you are applying at. This is to give you an advantage. Any information you may get will surely help you to gain more confidence about being ready to answer any question the interviewer may ask of you about their company. Be ready to know the following:

1. The company’s current address, branches and subsidiaries (if any).

2. The services it offers and how the company operates.

3. Their product and some linkages with other companies.

4. Their growth pattern and their future target.

5. Their management style and training opportunities provided to employees.

6. Their salary scale and opportunities for promotion. Take note at he salary range given to the persons similar to your educational qualification and how work experience is given weight.

7. The company’s financial status against its competitors of the same nature.

Know more about the job. Regardless of how glamorous or technical the job title may be, try to find out what are the working conditions of the job: working hours, day off, policies on holiday work or any travel opportunities.

What the interviewer is looking for. In the job interview, the interviewer will be evaluating not only your skills but your attitude as well. Here are some of the characteristics the interviewer will be looking for.

1. Ability to communicate -Use standard English. Use relatively short sentences, which are clear and connected with meaningful transitions.

2. Responsiveness – Be attentive! It is embarrassing to ask the interviewer to repeat the question. Furthermore, attentiveness will lead you to effectively and appropriately respond.

3. Alertness – The attention you give the interviewer will show your enthusiasm and desire for the job.

4. Self – Confidence - Gestures and tune of voice will express your confidence and assertive behaviour.

5. Dependability – Promptness and punctuality will be shown in your good attendance in school and commitment to deadlines.

6. Motivation – Your future plans will signal your motivation and will give you a chance to be noticed. It may be the difference.

7. Appearance – Dress neatly and appropriately for the occasion.

8. Decision making skills – the interviewer may ask you questions which means to test your decision making skills, so be ready to answer questions.

9. Knowledge about the current trends in the business and in jobs – Your knowledge and awareness on the trends and updates will create an impression that you are serious with your career.

10. Total projection – Your overall impact is how you present yourself in totality the way you answer questions, physical appearance, personal and educational background. And you must create an impression that you are a person to be relied on and will be an asset to the company.

"And that's it I'm sure you will pass 100 % so Good Luck."